Peak Oil Preparedness

at the end of the world, will you feel fine?

peak oil preparedness
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This is a group for those of us who are serious about preparing ourselves for the impacts of peak oil. This is not about persuading people that peak oil is real, or listing the latest news about it, there is already a community peak_oil for that. This community will be for discussion and debate about what we think is going to happen when peak oil hits, and what we should do about it. Disagreement is allowed, discourtesy is not. Trolls will be banned.

This community was inspired by a discussion in the daily_granola community. All members of this community are strongly encouraged to join daily_granola which already provides a great list of ideas for how to live more sustainably/environmentally friendly. We don’t want to have to duplicate that here, so if everyone is a member of both communities, we can assume you’ve already seen their posts.

But on to the fun stuff: the rules
1. You have to be approved for membership in this community. If your LJ provides no indication you are interested in peak oil/sustainable living , you will probably be rejected. We want this to be a serious discussion among people who are making lifestyle commitments to these changes.

2. Disagreements are allowed, but be respectful. There is no consensus about exactly when peak oil will happen, how bad it’s going to be, etc. Of course we will disagree. But don’t waste your time here trying to convince us that it’s not real, and it’s not going to happen. We’ve done our research already, this is a group of people who believe peak oil is real. If you bother us too much, we will ban you.

3. Read the rules for posting here and follow them.

4. Trolls will be banned. Don’t be a troll.

Hopefully this community will become a resource where people can come to get ideas/encouragement for their plans to prepare for peak oil. As the community grows I will be creating some kind of archive where people can sort through past posts. Peak oil is a large problem, but hopefully, by working together, we can be better prepared to face it.

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