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refugees - Peak Oil Preparedness
at the end of the world, will you feel fine?
I am curious what your various countries refugee and immigration policies are, and how you see them changing in the future.

l am in Australia, and we have about 400,000 immigrants a year in (most from sth africa, uk etc) and about 12,000 genuine refugees from around the world - mostly war torn middle east, increasingly from africa.  We have free form transfers between New Zealand and here, but everyone else needs visas etc.

We have huge media fear mongering around boat people - usually Sri Lankan, Iranian or Afghani refugees who come down through Asia to Indonesia and then get on crappy little fishing boats to limp to Christmas Island - an Australian territory in our far north.  The number of people each year varies depending on government policies (some policies have reduced boat people more than others) but is usually less than 1,000.

Once someone lands on Australian soil they are entitled to the full legal system, so people found not to be genuine refugees are appealing for years and years in courts.  Another issue is that boat people are seen as queue jumpers, who come out on boats after spending several years at least making there way here (some for economic reasons rather than safety), meaning a genuine refugee from somewhere else in the world doesn't get their plane ticket yet.

Australia is listed as one of the top two destinations in the world for many people relocating for economic, social or safety reasons (Canadais the other country) ....  what does this mean for us in the future.  How will this work ina peak oil world?  What about the argument Australia does not have enough water (and therefore food etc) to support many more people, let alone many many more....

What does your country do? How does it manage illegal people in a legal sense? Do you have mandatory detention? What works? Are you in a country that will have to rethink due to a perception that younare the land of stability, milk and honey? Or will your country be the sinking ship parties flee?
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