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On The Fantasy of Self Defense - Peak Oil Preparedness
at the end of the world, will you feel fine?
On The Fantasy of Self Defense
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theheretic From: theheretic Date: October 9th, 2011 11:00 pm (UTC) (Link)
A firearm by itself is a tool, like a shovel or a bicycle or an air pump. Used correctly, it does a task. I have no problem with rich people shooting clay pigeons (cast clay discs) for sport in fancy clubs. Like golf, its a nice way to get outdoors and hang out with your social strata. My primary disagreement with young men getting into shooting is they have a fantasy that if they shoot someone "in self defense" they'll be a hero and people will thank them. I wonder just how many people are in prison for that reason? I try to convince these sorts of young men that what they REALLY WANT is to change their lives so the stress that makes them want to kill will go away.

Ironically, Violent Video Games are a good safe outlet, and when that stops working, I tell them to save their money to move to a better neighborhood so they don't feel the stress of a bad neighborhood (full of people who aren't handling the stress well) every time they try to sleep or step out their door. If that doesn't work, think about a new career that satisfies them better than what they're doing now (which is the only reason I know them at all). For some that means getting fame for intellectual reasons (publishing real science or entertainment like a novel). For others it means no more paperwork and getting into physical labor so they can point to a wall and say "I built this." Finding job satisfaction post-peak oil may be one of our greatest challenges, because the lack of options will lead to more people turning to violence, and it will be up to every mature adult to catch the signs and help these people find better lifestyle choices than violence. A gun isn't violence, as I said. A choice can lead to violence, and it is important that young men remember all their choices rather than going for the bad one first.
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