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On The Fantasy of Self Defense - Peak Oil Preparedness
at the end of the world, will you feel fine?
On The Fantasy of Self Defense
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baron_waste From: baron_waste Date: October 8th, 2011 03:20 am (UTC) (Link)

Actually, the best firearm for home defense is a brace of repro flintlock pistols. No, seriously:

• The time it takes you to charge, load and prime them is time to determine if the threat is real, or just the dog larking about after bedtime

• A black-powder firearm fires a heavy, I mean heavy caliber ball - you WILL put your target down with one shot

• Even if you miss - or if you don't load it - in a darkened room it puts out a foot-long tongue of red flame, shakes the walls with a concussive boom no 9mm can match, and fills the room with choking, blinding smoke. NO seventeen-year-old “liberal's darling” with a rap sheet as long as your arm is going to stick around for more of THAT

• If you do go to court over the incident - which isn't likely - no bottom-feeding lawyer is going to be able to convince anyone that YOU are the real menace to society here, when what you took up to defend your home was a centuries-old flintlock pistol right out of the American Revolution. You might as well have had a fife and drum handy with a bandage around your head. The “court of public opinion,” you know…

Personally, if my house gets broken into I know exactly what I'll do - I'll pull out my Rossi snub .38 and shoot out my bedroom window. Two shots, probably. Gunshots, shattering glass - the guy downstairs will clear out in a hot hurry. Think about it. And the most I'd be charged with is discharging a firearm in a residential neighborhood.

theheretic From: theheretic Date: October 8th, 2011 10:55 am (UTC) (Link)
I suggest, in the kindest possible manner, you make a reasonable deposit with a defense attorney, just in case you happen to need additional legal assistance following such a response. The .38 projectile might accidentally go somewhere unwanted, despite your best intentions.

Here in California, racking a pump shotgun is normally very effective at deterring burglars on the premises, or mobs on the front stoop. My friend, so concerned about burglars, has been advised to purchase one, if he MUST own a firearm. I have been told that #4 buckshot kills people quite well but does not penetrate sheetrock or stucco walls. It is recommended for home defense for those who don't want to have accidents with blowthrough.
baron_waste From: baron_waste Date: October 8th, 2011 12:52 pm (UTC) (Link)

I was going to add a similar remark, that never mind decibels, the best “burglar alarm” is the ch-CHAKK! of racking a shotgun, followed by a long, waiting silence… O yah. Bad Guy will suddenly remember pressing business he has elsewhere.

A friend of mine long ago had an idea I liked: When going on vacation, buy 50-lb blocks of dry ice. (Or 30 lb or whatever size it is.) Maybe a dozen, maybe two. Tote them up and stock your attic with them. To the rafters! Then leave.

Immediately after your departure, the sublimated CO2 will begin pouring down into the house, heavier than air, flooding and filling the interior like a colorless liquid, displacing the normal atmosphere and replacing it. Eventually it will leach out, of course, but meanwhile you need have no fears whatever of any house fire while you're gone… and if someone does break in, he'll never know what hit him. He'll asphyxiate and be unconscious within a minute… and you'll find the body when you get home.

[Even if this scenario doesn't occur, you'll have fumigated your house of all insects and vermin, termites, bedbugs, everything.]

theheretic From: theheretic Date: October 8th, 2011 08:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
Be sure to extinguish your pilot light if you do that, however, and remember that your attic has VENTS leading outside which allows the roof to dry from the underside to prevent mold.

However, that trick would qualify as a "man trap" since it was intended to be lethal and that's felony attempted murder/homicide and prison will follow. Points for clever, just not legal.
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